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Create A Soul Filled Purpose

Inside Illuminate as one of our top guest speakers, Heidi Shannon (founder of Alive Wellness Retreats, Life School & Illuminate With Us) shares with you her powerful tools in transforming our unhelpful stories and accessing presence with her years of experience helping people power up their purpose in record time with soul. 

You Will Learn:

  • How To Power Up Your Energy To Serve BIG

  • Accelerate Your Business And Life Using Your Own Unique Purpose Blueprint

  • How To STOP the doing and STEP INTO service with passion

  • How To Map A Life Vision & Use Your Purpose To Meet It

The change you want to see and be, the community support you are craving, the raising of your own vibration, the tools, the new direction... it's all here with world class guest speakers from around the globe collaborating with a community of thousands to reconnect with what matters, rise up and serve with purpose no matter what.

Prepare to be Empowered

Join Us On An Inspiring 90 Day Journey to Illuminate Yourself & Your Life With Like Minded Souls From Around The Globe To Raise Your Vibration & Become The Best Version Of You

  • Live Coaching & Q & A

    Get coached every month across 18+ life areas by the CREATORS OF ILLUMINATE. 2 x High Performance Coaches with 20+ years in the game answer your REAL LIFE QUESTIONS & coach you through whatever shows up LIVE from health, happiness, business, purpose & more.

  • We Give Back Big To Those Who Need It Most

    However tough things may seem there are those who need our support during this never seen period of humanity. We give back big weekly with 5% of proceeds going out to THOSE WHO NEED IT MOST. Be inspired by the leaders of the NGO'S doing extraordinary work in the world & be proud of your support for the less fortunate.

  • Become The Change You Want To See In The World

    We invite you to move from self isolation and social distancing to self empowered and socially connected. We believe you all have inside of you a unique gift to be shared with the world and now is the time to tap deeply into what holds you back so that you can emerge wiser, calmer, stronger... CONNECTED.

  • 12 Powerful Masterclasses

    Our experts are at the top of their game and some of the most inspiring people on the planet. Get immediate access to 12 classes covering everything from health, habits, fear, mindset, relationships, calm, faith, purpose following a 12 step ROADMAP for total wellbeing.

  • Access The Inspiring Online Community 

    Inside our SECRET COMMUNITY is where the real magic happens. Block out the noise, connect with like minded souls & be motivated to create the best version of you in record time. The power of your circle of influence will elevate the next part of your life & direction in ways in which you never thought possible. This is the power of UNITY. 

  • Daily Inspiration & Weekly Good Vibes Classes

    You now have access to the BEST OF THE BEST teachers & purpose driven souls sharing their wisdom on fitness, yoga, meditation, healing, cooking, dance & so much more with our weekly online classes to inspire, uplift and RAISE YOUR VIBRATION.

About Heidi

Heidi Shannon is a leading expert in the field of deep coaching, transformational work, business, mindfulness, and yoga. She has grown multiple successful businesses as a successful entrepreneur in the wellness industry. She offers a carefully created set of practical tools to promote outstanding health, mental and emotional well-being, and living a life of purpose.

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