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Accelerate your growth in every life area and raise your FREQUENCY when you get LIVE access to 12+ leading experts in every field of personal development, self empowerment, health and wellbeing to LIGHT UP your life.


>>> Unlock The Keys to Health (5 CLASSES)

>>> Unlock The Keys to Happiness (5 CLASSES)

>>> Unlock The Keys to Wealth (5 CLASSES)


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Illuminate LIVE

Meet Your Teachers Waiting Inside To Inspire You

Being Your Greatest Self Means Surrounding Yourself With Greatness

During The Global Pandemic 12 of the world's greatest experts in every field of personal growth came together to create magic - this is Illuminate. 
Join thousands of others coming together to raise their vibration, support & inspire each other & create a whole new world from the inside out, one heart beat at a time. 

Get Up Close & Personal 

With The Change Makers
Inside Waiting To Inspire You

Become The Greatest Version Of Yourself With Ease

Christopher Rickstrew AKA the 'Sheep to Lion guy' takes you on a hilarious & fun journey towards the greatest version of yourself. Move from mediocre to great fast with Chris' fun (& funny) yet very real approach to personal development. No more peeling the onion, Chris' method is fast and works.


Embody Your Own Power &

Know Your Worth

Meet Christine Hassler as she takes you on a journey to embodying your own power and being authentically you. Christine shows you how to lose the life that doesn't serve you and invites you on a journey of purpose, self worth and inner fulfilment by using your own journey to serve with. Get ready to step into who you really are.


 Values, Fulfilment & Meaning No Matter What

Emile Steenveld shows you how to steer your own ship from the inside out tapping into your own personal value system. Emile has a simple yet highly effective approach to building a deep relationship with yourself and others through emotional awareness, finding fulfilment and being courageously yourself.


Soul Service Using Your Own Genius

Heidi Shannon combines her powerful tools in transforming our unhelpful stories and accessing presence with her years of experience helping people power up their purpose and business. Heidi helps you move from doing to serving by using your own authentic genius to serve your life with greatness and passion. 

Peace & Presence In The Mind

Meet Michael Daly as he shares his profound teachings on presence, finding peace in the chaos and creating a relationship with the most important person on the planet - you. From yoga, meditation and mindfulness in moments Michael dishes up easy to access tools for inner calm in a modern world.

Creating A Powerful Vision for Your Life

Joel Brown shows you the power of crafting your life vision in every area of life and his unique process for visualising, attracting and integrating this vision into your reality.

Watch the magic happen as you manifest & put into action the core of a life vision built on your true desires.


Habit Hacks for Food, Mood, Sleep & Movement

Aurimas Juodka is a powerhouse when it comes to crafting simple yet powerful daily habits. A believer in the smallest input for the greatest results from sleep, food, reducing stress and physical movement AJ helps you align with the person you want to be by implementing your own personal habit hacks with results.

Building Stellar Health & Immunity With Nutrition

Ryan Kennedy  wellness entrepreneur serves up his 'down to earth' science backed holistic approach to building stellar health through foods from the earth, natural medicines & health hacks to build immunity, strength and vitality with what's already in your kitchen cupboard keeping you & those close to you healthy & happy.

Love, Support & Connected Relationships

Stef Sifandos shares his extraordinary knowledge of the importance of connection with the self, supporting each other, coming together and connected relationships. With love as his weapon of choice he will inspire you to create the connection you seek with yourself and others through understanding masculine and feminine roles.


Manifesting The Life You Deserve 

Adam Roa takes you on a journey of loving yourself the way you love others, self kindness and making space for the life you deserve by releasing what holds you back. 
Adam is the Self Love king & shows you the art of playfulness, showing up as your true self  & manifesting your true life path through creativity.

The Power of Choice & Resilience

Robert Ian Bonnick author of 'Soul Survivor' growing up in an orphanage he learned the preciousness of unity, community and creating your own direction through your circle. Rob talks connection with the self, owning your stuff, finding your tribe & the power of community.

Wealth Mindset Vs Scarcity & 

Malaine Lea will empower you with an inspired game plan for your financial responsibility stepping away from scarcity and lack and into a plan that you can execute with ease, joy & simplicity. Create a new financial plan and life direction adding in your purpose, values vision & more.

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This is a powerful fun and (funny) class with Chris Rickstrew sharing his 'badass blueprint'. Stop peeling the onion and playing the in past. Chris helps you find your 'Inner Lion' and ditch the 'Inner Sheep' in his awesome class.





Start where you are and get clear on your life direction finding meaning from the inside out. These easy to implement bite-size classes give you clarity, direction & a fast track map to move forward with. Join the creators of Illuminate here >





One of the world's top inspirational speakers this outstanding class will have your motivated and inspired to take control of your life with no excuses. Garrain shares his powerful tools he learned for homeless, jail and broke to millionaire. 


      Welcome to                            Illuminate.

2 decades of coaching, 15k+ hours of experience, more than 400 live events, 3k+ happy clients...
Meet the Change Makers behind Illuminate...

Heidi Shannon and Emile Steenveld have been transforming lives for more than 20 years.
Their goal is to bring their collective wisdom combined with those at the top of their game into your home and life to empower you for real change. Illuminate is affordable and accessible for every person.


As Seen In...

Prepare to be Empowered

Join Us On An Inspiring 90 Day Journey to Illuminate Yourself & Your Life With Like Minded Souls From Around The Globe To Raise Your Vibration & Become The Best Version Of You

  • Live Coaching & Q & A

    Get coached every month across 18+ life areas by the CREATORS OF ILLUMINATE. 2 x High Performance Coaches with 20+ years in the game answer your REAL LIFE QUESTIONS & coach you through whatever shows up LIVE from health, happiness, business, purpose & more.

  • We Give Back Big To Those Who Need It Most

    However tough things may seem there are those who need our support during this never seen period of humanity. We give back big weekly with 5% of proceeds going out to THOSE WHO NEED IT MOST. Be inspired by the leaders of the NGO'S doing extraordinary work in the world & be proud of your support for the less fortunate.

  • Become The Change You Want To See In The World

    We invite you to move from self isolation and social distancing to self empowered and socially connected. We believe you all have inside of you a unique gift to be shared with the world and now is the time to tap deeply into what holds you back so that you can emerge wiser, calmer, stronger... CONNECTED.

  • 12 Powerful Masterclasses

    Our experts are at the top of their game and some of the most inspiring people on the planet. Get immediate access to 12 classes covering everything from health, habits, fear, mindset, relationships, calm, faith, purpose following a 12 step ROADMAP for total wellbeing.

  • Access The Inspiring Online Community 

    Inside our SECRET COMMUNITY is where the real magic happens. Block out the noise, connect with like minded souls & be motivated to create the best version of you in record time. The power of your circle of influence will elevate the next part of your life & direction in ways in which you never thought possible. This is the power of UNITY. 

  • Daily Inspiration & Weekly Good Vibes Classes

    You now have access to the BEST OF THE BEST teachers & purpose driven souls sharing their wisdom on fitness, yoga, meditation, healing, cooking, dance & so much more with our weekly online classes to inspire, uplift and RAISE YOUR VIBRATION.

Experience Your Journey of 


More than 3k+ happy clients. Experience your own journey into health, wealth, finding your purpose, creating a powerful vision for your life, healing, finding fulfilment and becoming the greatest version of yourself WITH OUR FULL SUPPORT.

Illuminate helps you discover your true authentic voice. You get to figure out what's unique to you and what you have to offer that the world needs...

Meet Those Inside Who Love Illuminate


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